Did you know that you have 3-5 seconds to make a first impression with your sign?  Or that an effective sign can be the ONLY difference between you and your competitor?   A sign isn’t just a sign; it’s your logo, your brand, your image and the key to effective marketing.  So don’t just say it, market it with an impressive, bold and attractive sign from Instasigns!  Make your sign work for you by commanding attention to your product or service with a well designed, well planned sign, coordinated to your existing building style or needs.  The possibilities are limitless, if you can imagine it, we can make it.

Instasigns is a full service signage company offering products and services from simple printing needs to decals and roll labels, business cards, indoor and outdoor  building signage, lettering, banners, vehicle graphics, monumental signs and much, much more.  Don’t know where to get started?  No worries, Instasigns not only produces signs, we advice you on styles and guide through the entire sign design process!  But we don’t stop there.  Not only can we advice you on design style, colors, materials and size, we can advice you on the placement of your sign.  A sign in the wrong place, where no one will see it, is money wasted.  Increase the visibility of your message with a well placed sign that makes an impression on your potential customers with style by employing the services of Instasigns signage product and design specialists!

What makes us different from our competition?  Three simple things:  customer relations, fast turn-around, quality, yet budget flexible options, and vehicle graphic specialization.  Our stellar customer service is second to none in the industry.  Our 80% return customer record is a testament to our legendary philosophy toward our clients:  develop a relationship through which customer and company can communicate to work toward the customers’ final goal.  Simple ordering, one phone call and you are walked through the steps for a custom signage experience with easy terms and a five business day guarantee on your product, or a few simple clicks on our web site and you are on your way to making your visual communication goals come true.  Our quality is unsurpassed, with your choice of materials, from cost saving to high-end, our experienced design staff will produce the image you want with exacting detail, using state-of-the-art printing technologies so your image is crisp, clear, durable and beautiful.  Finally, Instasigns’ signature graphics application process has become our specialty.  Allow us to properly prepare and install your vehicle graphics to withstand the test of time.  Most other companies will apply your vehicle graphic outdoors, inviting dust and debris to compromise the integrity of the final product, resulting in a wrap that quickly loses its adhesion and beauty.  This is a waste of time and money.  We will apply your vehicle graphics in our climate controlled garage, eliminating the costly errors that arise from outdoor application.   Read more about vehicle graphics.

Our prices are the most competitive in the business due to our commitment to efficiency and our knowledge of the industry, we never compromise quality.   Communication and relationships is the key to our success and yours.  Let Instasigns make your signage experience and positive and worthwhile one today!

Mission Statement

At Instasigns, we value the customer first.   It is our commitment to our customers to combine the most up to date innovation with the most customized service possible.   By taking the time to get to know your business and your target audience, we take pride in making your desired image come to life with our superior technical skill, knowledge of the industry and unmatched customer service.   Quality of materials and cost effectiveness are what we bring to you, our honored customer, in order to help you achieve your goal and promote your image.  At Instasigns, 80 percent of our business consists of repeat customers; therefore, we take pride in our work, in our relationships and we realize the two are inextricably connected.  We do business knowing we are not only building an image, we are building a long term relationship, and it is our mission to conduct ourselves with complete professionalism, thoroughness and with the confidence that we will see each and every one of our customers again in the future.

Company History

Instasigns was founded in 2000.  Having worked for many years in the sign business, we recognized the need for a more efficient, accessible way for businesses and individuals to purchase signage products and services in the Westminster area.

Before Instasigns was founded, choices for consumers in need of signage were limited.  Sign companies in the area were slow, lacking in modern approaches to design and printing, and weak on customer support. Our vision was to improve the sign industry by offering more services, greater options, faster turnaround time, up-to-date technology, design recommendations and a facilitated method for customers to secure the results they wanted for less.

The beginnings of Instasigns were humble.  Upon founding Instasigns, We worked long hours into the night, meeting and exceeding his customers’ expectations for signage design, quality and service, while toiling in the restricted warehouse space.  Soon, our business outgrew the dim warehouse lights and we sought our first retail location.  We were proud and excited beyond measure to open our first store front in a retail location on Bond Street in Westminster.

By the time his new store opened, Instasigns had already established a strong clientele base and reputation for meeting strict time lines with unsurpassed quality.  As an active part of the Main Street community in Westminster, Instasigns quickly became known as a leader of advancement in the local signage industry.   Business grew at a fast past, and customers responded with enthusiasm to the new, streamlined and facilitated way signage was being offered in the area.   Instasigns continued to grow quickly, so quickly in fact, that before long, it was time again for us to search for a larger, more suitable facility to accommodate his new staff, and the new, state-of-the-art, equipment Instasigns had acquired.

A new, fully equipped, facility was constructed in 2007 on 57 Aileron Drive, just north of Westminster.  The move made it easier for Instasigns to meet the demand of their loyal customer base, and offer customers the high quality products and services that separated Instasigns from their competition. The new facility houses the latest state of the art equipment including wideformat printers with several digital pieces of equipment and a warehouse, unique to the industry, with enough room to service three regular sized work vans or one tractor trailer at a time.  It is this warehouse that enables Instasigns to specialize in, and perfect, the climate controlled application process of vehicle graphics, done the RIGHT way, and unsurpassed by the competition in both beauty and longevity.

Thanks to years of hard work, learning, development and innovation at Instasigns, customers continue to have their signage standards met and exceeded on a daily basis.  Superior customer service, strong relationships with the highest quality vendors, access to the highest quality materials, workflow efficiency, design expertise, accessibility and fast turn-around time keep Instasigns on the cutting edge of the sign industry.  What began as a vision grew into a reliable company that customers have come to depend on for a positive signage experienced for the last ten years.  Be the next customer to be thrilled by your experience with Instasigns.

Why Choose Instasigns?

When you choose Instasigns, you get more than just a sign, you get a full service signage experience with a company that caters to your specific situation and uses the latest technologies and expertise to fulfill your visual communication needs.  There are several reasons to choose Instasigns:

Knowledge of the Industry

In our 10 years of business, Instasigns has accumulated unparalleled knowledge and experience with the technologies and innovations required to help your company meet its signage needs.   We understand that your sign is not just a sign; it’s the key to your image, your first impression, your marketing impact, your identity and your pride.  With this knowledge, Instasigns will learn your specific needs, make recommendations and give specific advice in order to help you accomplish your goals.

Products and Services

Instasigns offers a full array of signage products and services.   We can design and create almost any kind of sign or graphic.  Products include trade show displays, event signage, yard signs, site signs, window lettering, vehicle graphics, decals and roll labels, magnetic products, business stationary, banners, dimensional lettering, real estate signage, sidewalk signs, ADA signage, building signage, illuminated signs, directory and directional signage, POP, monumental and architectural signage, engraved signs and much more, all offered on a wide variety of substrates and materials. All products and services offered by Instasigns bare the hallmark of our exceptional quality.

Graphics services include logo design and graphic design.

Customer Service

Doing business with Instasigns means creating a lasting relationship with an experienced company that wants to get to know you personally as a customer, and communicate with you to achieve your specific signage goals.  Instasigns customer service is unparalleled in the industry; testimonials to our customer service are received on an almost daily basis.  Not only does our superior customer service help us build relationships with our clients, our service expedites the order process, so you spend less time on the phone with your sign company, and more time running your business.  And never fear, due to our stellar customer service, help and support are always just a phone call away.

Pricing Structure

At Instasigns, we possess finer cost control than do many other companies.  The cost based pricing system we apply to many of our products means you avoid paying “market driven “ price-per-square-foot costs, which does not always benefit the customer.  However, in the event that price per square foot costs DO benefit you more, we have the flexibility to apply that pricing system as well, giving you a price that works to your cost advantage. In addition, a lot of sign companies will not start a quantity discount until you order several signs, at Instasigns, in many cases, you will begin realizing cost savings upon the second sign in your order, a testament to our commitment to offer you competitive pricing.


Our clean and orderly appearance is a reflection of our controlled and efficient workflow.  Our showroom is modern, fresh, and cleanly; an example to other sign shops for which to strive, and a clear indication to you about the quality you receive and the organization behind the scenes.


Related to our cleanliness is our timeliness.  Organization allows us to streamline our schedule and keep customers and their projects in good hands.   Between our state of the art, professionally maintained equipment, superior customer service, and streamlined work schedule, we can provide you with the most reasonable time frame for your project.

Quality of Materials and Craftsmanship

When you choose to work with Instasigns for your visual communication needs, you are guaranteed that only top quality materials and craftsmanship will go into your project.  At Instasigns we understand quality, durability and image go hand in hand, and we will never compromise the integrity of your project to offer you lower prices. It is our commitment to work within your means and provide you with an array of materials that work with an array of budgets.  Our prices remain competitive due to our organization, efficiency and knowledge of the business, not because we pass along cheap materials or rush a job.

Independently Owned

Instasigns is independently owned and operated; allowing us greater flexibility in the decision making processes that directly affect how our customers’ needs are met.   Unlike a franchise, Instasigns was founded on direct experience in the industry and is not controlled by a group of people not well versed in the details of the business.  Our company owner has established his business through hard work and labor, from the ground up, and is immersed in every aspect of the signage product or service that you receive from us.

57 Aileron Ct. Suite 16
Westminster, MD 21157

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