Creating vehicle wraps

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There are four main steps to creating vehicle wraps: Designing, Proofing , Printing, and installing. Designing The design work is the longest part of the vehicle wrap process. It can take anywhere from 5 to 40 hours, depending on the … Continue reading

Selecting a Wrap Dealer

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Vinyl wrap vendors can range from companies that focus solely on creating and installing vinyl wraps to sign shops or graphic design companies that offer wraps as an additional service. Both can offer quality products and services, but companies that … Continue reading

Vehicle Wrap Prices

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Vehicle wrap vendors typically provide straightforward pricing – either a rate per square foot or a fixed dollar amount for the entire project. With either pricing model, your car wrap prices should include the entire project: consultations, design work, materials, … Continue reading

Vehicle Wrap Pros and Cons

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It’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of vehicle wraps before making a purchasing decision. The primary benefit of using car wraps is that they provide the lowest cost per impression of any advertising method. Both the American Trucking … Continue reading

Mistakes Wraps companies make and why

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As a veteran of the sign and vehicle graphics business for 15 years we have been fortunate to see our vehicle graphics industry change and progress forward, this has helped us to have a great overall understanding of what is … Continue reading

Instasigns wraps Chevy HHR

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                     Instasigns wraps a Chevy HHR at Westminster, Maryland location.   Wrap installations have doubled in sales since the  last 2 quarters.   We provide top quality vehicle wrap designs and installations for the Maryland vicinity.  While we love wrapping, we still … Continue reading

5 Steps to Vehicle Wrap Marketing

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Purchasing a Vehicle Wrap is only the start of owning a mobile advertising billboard on wheels.  Here are 5 easy, effective ways to maximize your miles and drive up sales:

Why have a Vehicle Wrap?

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Vehicle wraps have become a #1 tool for business promotion, and the major reasons according to industry experts are affordability and effectiveness.  Traditional billboard advertising ranges from about $600 to $2400 a month. Compare this to a company van “fully-wrapped” … Continue reading

Why Do Mobile Advertising?

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How many miles do you drive a month?  Every one of those miles is an opportunity for mobile advertising to connect with your customers.  The American Trucking Association estimates that mobile advertising generates 16 million impressions a year.  And mobile … Continue reading