Can I install Instasigns designs myself?

This is a very good question! Please be patient on this description!

Determining your skill level in working with vinyl applications will help you determine your ability in applying such an exclusive decal by Instasigns. The majority of Instasigns graphics and decals are produced on pressure sensitive media and is intended to be applied as a dry installation. This material is considered reposition-able. What this means is the material is NOT as aggressive(less sticky) on initial tack as other vinyl products (very sticky stuff). For example: A typical decal/sticker you may have worked with in the past was so aggressive when it initially touched the intended surface it could not be repositioned without being damaged. This is not the case with Instasigns material.

You’ve put stickers on. However, this isn’t just a sticker.

Instasigns Bombs Away bullet hole design from 2”to 12” inches and possibly a bit larger in diameter,” you could do” But a Burner Rocker Panel Partial application we recommend to be professionally installed to make sure you your design will compliment the car and not the trash can! This opinion does not take everyone’s skill level into consideration, were providing for a successful application only!

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