What is the cost?

  • Design Time: This is the number that is variable as most clients want custom design and this requires very specialized attention to detail the average design can take as little as 5 hours to some of our most complicated taking 40 hours and the average is 10 hours.
  • Materials: This number is predicated upon the amount of gross square footage needed to accomplish virtually seamless coverage of the intended area of wrap.
  • Setup: This number is the most stable and only occurs when a design file needs to be setup for print. This number will occur every time a file needs to be formatted for print.
  • Print: Print costs are included in the material costs and again is predicated upon the gross square footage.
  • Lamination: Is included in the material costs.
  • Contour cut (plotter). This fee occurs when the graphics need to be precision cut to follow body panels. A partial Instasigns Wrap would be an example that has a plotter fee.
  • Installation: This is the time it takes to prep and apply the graphics to your vehicle.  Most average size wraps take about 8-16 hours to install

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