Why do you laminate?

Be very careful when your search for estimates on vehicle wraps. The proper way to print and install a vehicle wrap is to laminate the prints before you apply it to the vehicle. After the prints are dry, we wait 24 hours so the solvent ink can completely cure, then we install a 2mm over laminate onto the prints to protect them for the suns harmful UV rays. If you do not laminate the prints, they will fade color within one year of the wrap. We found out that there are several companies that provide wraps at very low prices, but they are not laminating the prints. Be very careful of this because your wrap will look horrible with in 12 months and you will have wasted your money.

The real over laminate also protects the expensive prints from any road grime and scratching.

Also laminated prints are safer to wash the car than wraps that are not laminated.

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