Vehicle Wraps & Vinyl Graphics

Posted in: - Dec 11, 2010

Don’t just say it, market it with a moving sign!  Make your vehicle work for you by commanding attention to your product or service with vehicle graphics.   Did you know that 97 percent of people will remember seeing a specific vehicle advertisement?  Or that vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 – 70,000 sightings per day, which means your advertising could be seen 8.4 million times per year?   Increase the visibility of your message beyond the limitations of a stationary sign and make an impression on your potential customers with style!

Whether just in need of simple identification or corporate branding to your company vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, Instasigns has a service for you.  Intimidated by costs for vehicle graphics?  Relax; vehicle advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise.   Vehicle wrapslettering offer the advantage of being “done once, and used many times.”  Unlike an advertising plan in which you would pay a monthly fee, vehicle graphics are paid for once, and are seen on the road countless times 24 hours a day!.   This equates to a high return on your investment.   See our “Resources” page for all the statistics on the impression your vehicle graphics can make!  Still concerned about budget?   Don’t worry, there are many options for vehicle graphics, and here at Instasigns we pride ourselves in our ability to provide cost effective solutions for every job, through our superior customer relations and technical expertise.   At Instasigns, we work with you to make vehicle graphics that fit any budget without compromising quality; the same cannot be said for other sign companies.

It is important to keep in mind when choosing a company with which to work for your vehicle graphics needs, that the process of applying graphics to your vehicle is even MORE important that the design you choose!  If the appropriate care is not taken during the application process, your graphic will lose attractiveness and integrity, tarnishing the image you worked so hard to achieve.  Allow us to properly prepare and install your vehicle graphics to withstand the test of time.  Most other companies will apply your vehicle graphic outdoors, inviting dust and debris to compromise the integrity of the final product, resulting in a wrap that quickly loses its adhesion and beauty.  This is a waste of time and money.  We will apply your vehicle graphics in our climate controlled garage, eliminating the costly errors that arise from outdoor application.   Don’t let the size of your vehicle deter your vision for your vehicle graphics; our garage can accommodate up to 3 regular sized company vans, or one tractor trailer, at a time.  Upon completion of application, vehicles must pass our rigorous, quality inspection to assure no detail has been overlooked and that your vehicle graphic will live up to its expected lifetime.   Remember, a deteriorated sign, is a deteriorated image and simple steps avoid complicated disasters.

Our Quality Pledge to YOU

At Instasigns, we realize that there is no excuse for skimping on the grade of vinyl we use for your vehicle wraps & graphics.   We understand that a competitive business world means that companies are going further and further to find cheaper materials so as to present a less expensive product.  At Instasigns, we pride ourselves in finding the appropriate balance between quality and affordability, we will not use low quality materials to keep our prices low.  Our prices are the most competitive in the business due to our commitment to efficiency and our knowledge of the industry, we never compromise quality.   Communication and relationships is the key to our success and yours.  That is our pledge to you, our valued customer.

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